Coconut Flour

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Organic Coconut Flour is a delicious, healthy alternative for wheat and other grain flour. Ground from dried, defatted coconut meat, coconut flour is high in fiber and low in digestible carbohydrates. This makes it ideal for those following the paleo diet or who need to be carb conscious for their health. The light coconut flavor allows coconut flour to blend seamlessly into sweet or savory baked goods.Coconut flour is also gluten free and is a terrific ingredient for grain free and low carb baking.

Health benefits of coconut flour
- Coconut flour is high in fiber, protein, and healthy fats and is free from wheat and other grains.
- Coconut flour is low in sugar, digestible carbohydrates and calories, and has a low score on the glycemic index.

This makes coconut flour a favorite amongst paleo dieters, gluten free eaters including those with Celiac Disease or a gluten sensitivity, those with digestive problems, nut allergies, those with diabetes and vegetarians.

Some of the many health benefits of coconut flour nutrition include its high levels of healthy saturated fats in the form of medium chain fatty acids (MCFA). These are used by the body easily for energy and help to support a healthy metabolism, balanced blood sugar levels.

Coconut flour is a rich source of fiber. Fiber essentially cannot be absorbed by the body, some of the calories and carbohydrates found in coconut flour are not absorbed and used, but rather they move right through the digestive tract helping to take toxins and waste along with them.

Coconut flour is a low glycemic food and helps to maintain a healthy blood glucose level. In fact studies show that consuming products that contain coconut flour can help to lower the overall glycemic impact of the food and to support stable blood sugar levels. This means that coconut flour nutrition has health benefits for people with diabetes and those who are working towards reaching a healthy weight.

Coconut flour also helps with healthy digestion, has a high nutrient density, and can aid in heart health too. Studies have shown that coconut flour has the ability to help lower “bad” LDL cholesterol levels and serum triglycerides in people who have raised cholesterol levels. Coconut flour has this positive effect because of its high supply of both soluble and insoluble dietary fiber plus its healthy MUFA fat content.