Balm 50g
Balm 50g
Balm 50g

Balm 50g

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Baraka Herbal Balm is an external application prepared using a range of herbs and spices in the form of oil extracts. It will give relief from colds, contusions, influenza, sprains, catarrh, tonsillitis, excessive sneezing, excessive phlegm, irritation of nose, headache, joint pains, and toothache.

Ingredients: Black seed oil

Cinnamon oil

Clove oil

Citronella oil

Eucalyptus oil



Recommended for:

Nasal congestion, throat infection, joint and muscular pain, backache, headache, toothache and earache

Shelf life: 3 years


GMP, HACCP,ISO 22000,ISO 14001, Halal, Fair choice