JointEase Pain Relief Spray
JointEase Pain Relief Spray
Baraka Naturals

JointEase Pain Relief Spray

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Baraka JointEase fast action pain relief spray provides instant pain relief for joints, muscular pains, and back ache associated with arthritis, sprains, cramps, and stiffness. This unique formula is made out of a special blend of essential oils along with the complete goodness of black seeds.


100 ml can




Eucalyptus oil

Wintergreen Oil

Peppermint Oil

Black Pepper Oil and Black seed oil.

Recommended for:

Joint pains

Shelf life:

Three years

Directions for use:

Hold the can 5-10 cm away and spray directly into the areas requiring the most urgent treatment. Do not use more than three times a day.


GMP, HACCP, ISO 22000,ISO 14001